VIP can provide a financial level or scan level inventory. A financial inventory records merchandise by dollars. Totals are separated by departments, which are specified by our clients. This can be done at retail or at cost. A scan inventory records merchandise by upc or sku’s.

We specialize in convenience stores, liquor stores, and super markets but can provide an inventory for just about any type of store. VIP can customize each inventory based on the specific needs of each client. With our experienced auditors and competitive rates, you might want to check with VIP to see if we can service your next inventory.

Outside Auditing:

VIP will monitor your current inventory company’s progress to help achieve an accurate inventory. This is accomplished by performing numerous random section recounts, price verifications, and confirming all merchandise was accounted for.

Unlike many expensive accounting firms that usually provide this service, our employees are experienced retail auditors and know what to look for.

Inventory Preparation:

We can provide personnel to help you prepare for your upcoming inventory. Whether you need assistance organizing stock, straightening out shelves on the sales floor, or preparing backroom pre-count sheets, we are available to assist with all aspects of your inventory.




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